Mark Mohabeer - Assistant Coach
Mark brings a lot of experience in  track and field from his days of competing in the sprint and middle distances (400 and 800 meters), as far as the national level in the United Kingdom. He is an athlete's coaches as well as a track and field dad who brings fun, discipline and instruction to grooming successful and well-rounded athletes.

Johnny Pittman: Head Coach and Club Director - Mid-Distance
USATF Level 1 Track and Field Certified, Certified Sport Specific Trainer, 
​Certified Speed and Agility Instructor
Johnny knows Track & Field, and the kids respond to his positive approach. As Club Director, Johnny keeps coaches engaged, and makes sure your child has a great time.

Who We Are


Radcliffe Dwyer: Assistant Coach/Team Administrator
Welcome to the Maximum Speed Track Club website.  Maximum Speed was founded by Coach Johnny Pittman. Our goal is to assist young people ages 5 to 18 who are interested in improving their physical fitness, mental stamina and teamwork. We train our athletes with the primary goal to improve their track and field abilities while developing their confidence and self image.  We are committed to maintaining an outstanding grass roots organization according to the vision of our founder.

Maximum Speed Track Club

Imma Pipicclo: Assistant Team Administrator

Our staff

Dania Dunbar - Assistant Coach
Dania was a multiple sports athlete in High School. Dania attended Temple University while at Temple she was the Women's Basketball manager for 3 years where she really saw the benefits of what great coaching can do as a coach for multiple sports and to see the growth and confidence within the children she coached and how much they value the word she speak to them to better them as a athlete and overall person, and that is what she loves most about coaching.

Keiron Guischard: Sprint Coach

USATF Level 1 Track and Field Certified

Mark Muse - Jumping Coach
​Mark attended Stockton State College where he competed in Long Jump, High Jump and Triple Jump. He also ran 100, 200 and 4x100. Mark is the former school record holder in Triple Jump and State and Conference champion. He was also a National finalist. Mark coaches to help the development of young athletes. 

Success to Maximum Speed is more than winning a race or setting a new record.  It’s about developing character.  

Our positive coaching philosophy is designed to bring out the best in each of our athletes.  Communication and establishing priorities are integral to our club's success and our athletes' success.


Track and Field may not be everything to everyone; however competitive track and field can be an extremely valuable part of a young person's life.  The focus, self-motivation and sportsmanship that results from disciplined training: carries through to all aspects of life.  Not every child can be a world-class athlete, but every child can benefit from an organized, well directed track and field program, whether or not they ever win a race.


Maximum Speed's program will teach every athlete that in order to reach their full potential they must apply themselves intelligently and consistently. Providing a healthy learning atmosphere that stresses this will positively impact our athletes for a lifetime.  This is the ultimate measure of Maximum Speed's success.